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Country: United Kingdom


Used to be named Mavizen. Electric motorbike manufacturer in the UK. Has access to genuine A123 and EIG cells, but all are listed as "price on enquiry".
Model Ah Type Chemistry Dimensions Weight Charge Discharge Price
A123 Systems AHR32113M1 Ultra-B 4.500 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 113.0mm x 32.0mm 205.0g 4.5A Peak: 166.0A
A123 Systems AMP20M1HD-A 20.000 Ah Pouch LiFePO4 227.0mm x 160.0mm x 7.2mm 496.0g 19.6A Peak: 294.0A
A123 Systems ANR26650M1 2.300 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 66.5mm x 26.0mm 76.0g 2.3A Peak: 110.0A
A123 Systems APR18650 1.100 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 65.0mm x 18.0mm Noneg
EIG Battery C020 20.000 Ah Pouch Li(NiCoMn) 217.0mm x 129.0mm x 7.2mm 428.0g 10.0A Peak: 200.0A
EIG Battery C040 40.000 Ah Pouch Li(NiCoMn) 178.0mm x 209.0mm x 11.2mm 830.0g 20.0A Peak: 400.0A

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