EV Power

Website: http://www.ev-power.com.au/

Country: Australia


EV Power is based in Perth, Western Australia. They have CALB and EIG cells, but list no prices as of 2013-07-17. I've got prices for the CALB cells courtesy of Chris Jones via http://www.elmoto.net/showthread.php?3085-Shameless-plug-battery-comparison-website - the prices I've listed include GST.
Model Ah Type Chemistry Dimensions Weight Charge Discharge Price
CALB CA100 100.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 219.0mm x 142.0mm x 67.0mm 3400.0g 100.0A Peak: 200.0A $143.00
CALB CA40 40.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 181.0mm x 116.0mm x 46.0mm 1400.0g 40.0A Peak: 80.0A $55.00
CALB CA60FI 60.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 245.0mm x 115.0mm x 44.0mm 2000.0g 60.0A Peak: 120.0A $88.00
EIG Battery C020 20.000 Ah Pouch Li(NiCoMn) 217.0mm x 129.0mm x 7.2mm 428.0g 10.0A Peak: 200.0A $60.00

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