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CALB. Used to have HiPower but as of 2013-08-06 "are currently on hiatus" (http://www.evsource.com/tls_lithium_hipower.php)
Model Ah Type Chemistry Dimensions Weight Charge Discharge Price
CALB SE100AHA 100.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 217.0mm x 142.0mm x 50.0mm 3100.0g 100.0A Peak: 1200.0A $138.00
CALB SE180AHA 180.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 283.0mm x 182.0mm x 71.0mm 5600.0g 180.0A Peak: 2160.0A $248.40
CALB SE40AHA 40.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 185.0mm x 116.0mm x 46.0mm 1500.0g 120.0A Peak: 480.0A $55.20
CALB SE60AHA 60.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 215.0mm x 115.0mm x 61.0mm 2200.0g 180.0A Peak: 720.0A $82.80

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