Headway Headquarters

Website: http://www.headway-headquarters.com/

Country: United States of America


Seems to be the USA distributor for Headway cells. Discounts for >100 cells. They also have the 38120HP, which is capable of higher amps, but I can't find any Headway specs on it. Also sells BMSes and chargers.
Model Ah Type Chemistry Dimensions Weight Charge Discharge Price
CALB CA100 100.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 219.0mm x 142.0mm x 67.0mm 3400.0g 100.0A Peak: 200.0A $145.00
CALB CA40 40.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 181.0mm x 116.0mm x 46.0mm 1400.0g 40.0A Peak: 80.0A $58.00
CALB CA60FI 60.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 245.0mm x 115.0mm x 44.0mm 2000.0g 60.0A Peak: 120.0A $87.00
Headway 38120S 10.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 120.0mm x 38.0mm 307.0g 60.0A Peak: 150.0A $18.50
Headway 38140S 12.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 152.0mm x 38.0mm 400.0g 24.0A Peak: 180.0A $24.75
Headway 40152S 15.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 152.0mm x 40.0mm 480.0g 45.0A Peak: 150.0A $28.00
Topband TB-3220FH 20.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 180.0mm x 71.0mm x 28.0mm 645.0g 60.0A Peak: 120.0A $52.50

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