Lipo Power Germany


Country: Germany


If you prefer to read English, use . Prices in Euros - sorry, no automatic conversion yet :-) Also has a range of "LINANO" pouch cells.
Model Ah Type Chemistry Dimensions Weight Charge Discharge Price
A123 Systems AMP20M1HD-A 20.000 Ah Pouch LiFePO4 227.0mm x 160.0mm x 7.2mm 496.0g 19.6A Peak: 294.0A $49.95
A123 Systems ANR26650M1 2.300 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 66.5mm x 26.0mm 76.0g 2.3A Peak: 110.0A $8.95
CALB SE100AHA 100.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 217.0mm x 142.0mm x 50.0mm 3100.0g 100.0A Peak: 1200.0A $160.00
CALB SE130AHA 120.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 283.0mm x 182.0mm x 57.0mm 4400.0g 360.0A Peak: 1440.0A $208.00
CALB SE180AHA 180.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 283.0mm x 182.0mm x 71.0mm 5600.0g 180.0A Peak: 2160.0A $288.00
CALB SE400AHA 400.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 283.0mm x 450.0mm x 71.0mm 14000.0g 400.0A Peak: 4000.0A $640.00
CALB SE40AHA 40.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 185.0mm x 116.0mm x 46.0mm 1500.0g 120.0A Peak: 480.0A $64.00
CALB SE60AHA 60.000 Ah Rectangular LiFePO4 215.0mm x 115.0mm x 61.0mm 2200.0g 180.0A Peak: 720.0A $96.00
Headway 38105 8.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 105.0mm x 38.0mm Noneg 40.0A Peak: 80.0A $17.95
Headway 38120P 8.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 120.0mm x 38.0mm 300.0g 80.0A Peak: 200.0A $18.95
Headway 38120S 10.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 120.0mm x 38.0mm 307.0g 60.0A Peak: 150.0A $18.95
Headway 38140S 12.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 152.0mm x 38.0mm 400.0g 24.0A Peak: 180.0A $22.95
Headway 40160 16.000 Ah Cylindrical LiFePO4 160.0mm x 40.0mm 500.0g 80.0A $29.95

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