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Tue 21st Mar, 2006

Too Busy For Words - let's see if it's true...

A few things have finally moved me to create a blog.

One is reading the excellent Planet Linux Australia - the aggregator for Australian Linux bloggers. Few things inspire me more to get up and do something that to see a whole bunch of other people doing interesting stuff and talking about it. It makes me want to try to inspire other people, and add my voice to the community.

Another is the sheer quantity of ideas that I have. I'm not trying to puff myself up, but I've got to a stage where I just don't believe that some of the good ideas I've got should disappear off into the distant corners of my mind, to only be acted on in that mythical future where I have enough time to do everything I want to. It's too much to hope for that something I write will inspire someone else to actually get up and do something. But this is as good a way of getting in touch with people of like mind, or people who know more about the topic and know the solution to the problem I'm posing.

Further down the list is the desire to try to round out the body (perhaps somewhat literally) of bloggers. I seem to cross a lot of topics and be interested in a lot of fields - everything from woodwork to fractals to music mixing to Irish Set Dancing to programming. Everyone has their own little interests that they fear to mention at work, or at their social clubs, because of stereotypes and stigmas. Sometimes I think the best way to combat this is to talk about it - to stick it out in the open and say, "Well, what about it?".

And, perhaps lastly, to prove that nagging internal doubt wrong - that I don't have the patience or the energy or the time to keep a blog up-to- date. If not, then this really will be a blog that is Too Busy For Words.

Have fun,


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