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Thu 7th Jun, 2007

I love my nieces

I took a gamble the other day. Kate's sister's family was over, and, on an impulse, I gave Kira (my eldest niece) a copy of my latest mix, the auspiciously numbered 42 - Mach 6, on CD. I know the girls like a lot of different types of music, and I wasn't expecting them to feel obliged to like my particular tastes given they also love Scottish Country Dancing, Hi-5, and Saddle Club. But I know they like dancing generally and they like 'modern' music with a good beat (probably to Kate and Sue's disdain), so it was a gamble with good odds.

I came home yesterday to receive a note that Angela, Kira's younger sister, had sent to me. I knew that there was every chance that Kira would share the CD with Angela - she thinks of others a lot. This is what the note said:


your CD is great I'd love 92 coppys incase 1 brakes and I'm left with 91 which is my LUKY number. or maby you could just give me 1245.

Love Angela.

ps. I haven't really lisend to all of it yet!


Where the numbers 91 and 1245 come from I have no idea. But how can you not love that?!

Which also means that you can now get the latest mix on my mixes page.

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