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Tue 29th Jan, 2008

All Systems Go

After a night of continued problems with hardware in Canberra, I decided to test my mixing setup. Having borrowed a nice Edirol UA-1A USB audio input/output from my friend Mark, I wanted to test this in combination with the guitar amp from Andrew. I'd also changed my VMWare system over to use Host-only networking and convinced Samba and IPTables to talk to the VMWare client over this. So, was it going to actually work? Best not to find out on Friday Night...

After a bit of odd-hackery, I got it going - pleasingly well. The sound skips slightly when context-switching from the VMWare client, which is nothing unusual - the standard performance practice is to boot afresh and only starting those things which you absolutely need anyway. So it's all systems go for Friday night...

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