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Thu 30th Mar, 2006

Apres Vous

It's a French Farce. They're very good at it. It makes me cringe, all to visibly and to Kate's great embarrassment. I want to yell out, "No, don't buy 500€ worth of flowers in the vague hope that it will set up a meeting between a no-hoper and his ex-partner who doesn't really want to see him." In part because I feel like I'm one living the farce, sometimes, constantly saying "yes" to more projects and letting problems fester and get out of hand because I haven't the courage to sit down and solve them. I don't need any more of a reminder that sometimes my life looks like a disaster and I the wilful instigator of it.

But the acting is brilliant, the story clever, the women beautiful and the men masculine and French, and it's all rather neat. It's worth seeing.

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