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Mon 25th May, 2009

Canberra Linux Users Group monthly meeting for May 2009

The first of many CLUG Linux Learners Meetings!

This meeting is a 'fixfest' and learner session for people new to Linux or still finding their way around. (That's most of us!) We'll be having short talks about a variety of subjects but the majority of the night will be given over to people helping other people fixing problems and learning their way around Linux.

Lana Brindley will be starting the night with a talk entitled "10 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Install Linux. Ever." and with a provocative title like that you can tell it's going to be interesting! Paul will then give a short talk on tips he's learnt in using Bash, the current standard command line shell in Linux.

You're welcome to bring your computer along but please email me ( beforehand so I can get an idea of the numbers of machines involved.

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