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Sat 30th May, 2009

Canberra Linux Users Group monthly meeting for May 2009

The first of many CLUG Linux Learners Meetings!

The meeting was, in general and in my opinion, a success. Lana Brindley gave the first talk, entitled "10 Reasons Why You Do Not Want To Install Linux. Ever.", which was (no surprises) really a "10 old myths about not using Linux and why you should ignore them" talk. It was clever, well presented and covered all the things Linux users get tired of explaining. Several times Lana would pose a myth about Linux and people would automatically call out objections or corrections - which I take to be a good sign that her talk dispelled the myths that us enthusiasts want cleared away.

My talk, unfortunately, I feel was doomed from the start. It was "Paul's Ten Tips About Bash", and the content was definitely useful to some people - and I think it says a lot about Linux users that even the most learned people in the room still learnt a few tricks and mentioned some that I didn't know. However, it wasn't a talk for everybody, and importantly it contrasted with Lana's number one point: that Linux is perfectly possible to use without ever coming near the command line. My disappointment is that I didn't think of this earlier - I got carried away by my own geekiness. It should have been "Paul's ten tips on avoiding the command line", which would have been something that many more people learned from. Heck, I could have learnt a lot putting that talk together.

I'll do it at the next Linux Learners meeting, which will be in August (I think we'll set a schedule of doing them every three months and see how that goes).

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