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Wed 11th Oct, 2006

Come up and see my library.

I'm now quite experienced in using Doxygen to add documentation to code. I've written pretty much all of the documentation for the CFile and progress libraries, and pwlib is pretty small so it'll be easier to do. Now: how do I get everyone to have a look at it?

Well, step 1: put it on my own web site. That's relatively easy: those sons of fun at Ace Hosting have subversion installed; just check the source code out in a directory underneath my public HTML directory. I also added a snipped of .htaccess file to prevent people looking in the .svn directories thus created, more to stop undue confusion and anxiety than any real security threat. Step 2 was a little more work: building the Doxygen HTML documentation. I'll have to get Ace Hosting to install Doxygen, but in the meantime I compiled it and ran it from my own bin directory. LATEX is installed, so it can automatically generate the formulas as .png files and link them in automatically. Hooray!

The third step is to make this available as more than just a directory index. This probably means either kludging some Doxygen documentation together to contain it, or writing a file that can scan through the directories inside my /code directory and create a nice piece of HTML from a template that lists all the source files and links to the Doxygen documentation directly. I'll probably just write a templater; who needs another reason to reimplement the wheel? Although - maybe there's some clever way that Doxygen does this already - I should look into its recursive options...

Anyway, for now, you can see what's done so far in the /code directory. So far only the CFile and progress libraries are documented, but have a browse anyway. Genuflections, derisive laughter, offers of money, peanuts, etc. can be sent here. Of course, if you want to check out the Subversion code and play with it that way, you can retrieve it from svn://

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