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Wed 1st Nov, 2006

Everyday stuff

Bad news: in a quiet moment, I tested the Opti "Value Series" 375W UPS that the lab bought a year ago to keep the server alive over minor power hiccups. It didn't fare well: when I switched the mains power off, the server immediately died. Nothing on the front panel indicates that it's not working correctly, and the "Linux" software Opti supplied doesn't install correctly, and nut doesn't seem to recognise it, so I have no idea what its problem is. Next time, we buy a UPS based on whether nut supports it out of the box.

Good news: I finally got around to getting ClearSilver working on my home machine, so the 'mixulator' script I wrote to take the Tab-separated files that MixMeister can produce as a playlist and massage them into my (hard-to-read) mix website format is now working. So I've put up the track listing for my Go Ahead mix, for those people who want to know what they're listening to.

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