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Tue 15th Jul, 2008

The lost limericks list

After that post, I thought I'd just check which category I'd put my previous limericks in. To my horror, I discovered that I hadn't blogged them at all, but had (merely) posted them to the Linux Australia list. So I rescued them and posted them here for posterity.

That wonderful man Andrew Tridgell
Over SaMBa keeps permanent vigil.
SMB, it is said,
He decodes in his head,
And CIFS 2 will some day bear his sigil.
The great LGuest programmer Rusty,
Is virtually never seen dusty.
He eats 16K pages,
And has done so for ages,
Yet his moustache is clean and not crusty.
That marvellous girl Pia Waugh
Is certainly hard to ignore.
With her leet ninja moves,
Open Source just improves -
All Linux Australians show awe!

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