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Sun 3rd Jun, 2007

First test case cover out of the press

On Saturday I took the plunge and started the final stage of the Laptop Case Cover Project - that being actually trying to produce a laptop case cover. I took my other piece of MDF and added front and back stops to it to make the top form, then did a trial run. Satisfied with that, I then glued the first laptop case cover together. And, surprisingly, it didn't turn out too badly. It needed a few minor bits of glue to fix up a few dry patches, but otherwise I like it. It holds its shape well, it fits to the form nicely, and it's light but robust.

Now all I have to do is sand it and give it a coat of finish, and then I can see if it will actually attach to the case. That'd be nice.

It also looks like I will have to steam or soak the figured pieces. The tasmanian oak front piece had its grain parallel to the curve, rather than at a tangent to it, so it bent around the front metal piece nicely. The figured pieces are much harder, which means they'll bend a bit but they'll probably break if I try to fit them around the relatively narrow corner of the front edge without some kind of prior inducement. So, I get to set up my steam press after all. Glee.

You can check the whole gallery out here.

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