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Sat 23rd Jun, 2012

Forgotten projects

MythTV has recently updated to version 0.25. That has meant a small but important change to the parameters necessary for updating guide data. Chris Yeoh was ahead of the game and, knowing I used it, sent me a patch for the tv_grab_oztivo script. He noted that he'd tried to get it from the last known good source, and it wasn't answering.

Well, it sort of is. The normal URL doesn't work but Google reveals Interestingly, its version number is still at the recognised place - 1.36 - but all other parts of the site seem to be having problems with its database. And since it hasn't been updated since this time in 2010, I think there's a good possibility it may remain unchanged from now on.

A number of years ago I offered to host the script on my home Subversion repository, but got no response. So I've blown the dust off, updated it, added Chris's patch, and it's now up to date at Please feel free to check that out and send me patches if there are other improvements to make to it.

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