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Thu 23rd Mar, 2006

Or: Why I need my head read.

I did a quick bit of hedge-trimming today. This involved me walking up and down to see the line, snipping things off, and leaping up to snip off the branches that were out of convenient standing range. Why, you ask, was I leaping up? Because I was too lazy to get the ladder. It was only a five-minute operation, after all...

It's only a Cotoneaster. Some day we'd like to replace it with a native. I think the Grevillea we've got in the front would be ideal - it's very prickly and apparently most people are allergic to it. If we had a problem with people wandering into our yard, which we don't that'd teach them a severe lesson.

There was a small family, or clique or whatever, of Superb Blue Wrens in the garden, including one I didn't see but Kate picked up as a male just going from non-breeding to breeding status. This means he goes from brown with flashes of blue to brilliant blue all over. Nature is wonderful. We're very lucky to have a garden that attracts them.

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