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Mon 2nd Oct, 2006

Geek Identification Symbols

I went Ice-skating with someone who doesn't want to be named in this blog and her/our/the nieces, and randomly picked my LCA 2006 T-shirt to wear. While wandering around holding their hands and occasionally bodily lifting them up from the ice, I noticed a girl wearing a T-shirt with "Schrodinger's Cat Is Not Dead" on the back. I met her when I was dropping my skates off to be reground (the last idiot had put a furrow so deep that I had stopped being able to hockey-stop and started being able to throw myself sideways onto the ice - same movement). One "Great T-shirt!" later, and I was introduced to a girl Unix geek and her little sister.

We chatted for a time about T-shirts (her front said "Schrodinger's Cat Is Dead", of course, which I didn't guess and shows how stupid I am - but at least I got the joke), network games (I'd been up until 2AM playing Starcraft and Neverwinter Nights with friends the previous night), unix geekery and how playing network games can give you a sense of belonging in small town Australia.

I went back to someone who doesn't want to be named in this blog and said, 'Did you see the girl with the "Schrodinger's Cat Is Not Dead' T-Shirt? I met her, and on the front it reads, "Schrodinger's Cat Is Dead".' This someone else said "I don't get it." And a little part of me that was already dead - the part that had hoped someday to have a partner who thought of computers as more than just rude tools - moaned in its undead sleep.

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