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Wed 7th Mar, 2007

Getchore Mixes Heyah

In the last week I've done more mixing than in the previous year!

This is mainly due to me doing some casual mixing at Toast, a local nightclub, on Tuesdays. This sounds a lot more impressive than it is; it's just a chance for people who like Tech Trance to get together and mix it up. The number of people in the club has never numbered more than eight when I've been there, and that includes the two or three other people mixing and the girl behind the bar (who happens to be the daughter of the guy who works in the lab next door - that's Canberra for you).

The first mix in this new batch is the one from 27th February 2007. This one is entirely from music purchased from Magnatune, and as such it will probably sound quite familiar to those people who listened to my LCA 2007 mixes. This also means that it's licensed under the same CC-by-nc-sa license as the LCA mixes. So, go ahead, knock yourself out, use it as much as you want.

(You should, however, know that I found that the last track on the mix blends superbly with Sasha's track "Golden Web" from his Airdrawndagger album. However, since that's not licensed under CC, I can't give you that mix. You'll just have to lie back and imagine it.)

The second mix was done on the weekend thereafter, when I decided I'd gone too long without some really good trance music mixing. I threw the Mach 5 - Full Trance mix together pretty quickly, but I'm very happy with how it's turned out. It's not quite as non-stop thumping as I'd originally thought, which makes it a pleasure to listen to.

The third mix was done live at Toast again on 6th March 2007. This, like the Mach 5 mix, is not CC licensed. In fact, it's not licensed at all. I'm breaking the law even giving them to you. If you download them, you'll be giving a great big finger to the RIAA, the APRA, the big record labels and other very important and well-paid people, and you'll be depriving the artists of well nigh on three cents of income. I want you to think very carefully on that before you consider doing anything rash.

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