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Tue 16th Jan, 2007

Getting your hands on a child's laptop

Chris Blizzard's talk today about the OLPC covered the question that everyone from the FOSS world (apparently) asks: can I have one. It's very true that even if you got 50,000 people wanting an OLPC (or whatever the actual thing is called), that's peanuts to delivering 20 times that number to one nation alone. However, the 50,000 number is being bandied around - what if there was a website for people to register their interest? And they could say how many they wanted? The more that people spread the word, the more people might find more uses for them. Entire classes or schools in first-world countries could sign up, whereas they would currently be denied. That's got to be good, right? Things like PledgeBank make it easy to get a good feel for how many people are interested in doing something - why not do something like that for the OLPC and see what the real interest from the people is?

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