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Tue 17th Oct, 2006

Go Ahead, make my day

Over the last week or so I've been working on my new Goa mix. Mixing is very much like writing - sometimes things just flow easily and tracks go into place one after another smoothly, sometimes you get one track that you know you want but you can't find anything that sounds good coming after it. I started with a first draft of this mix, but after listening to it a couple of times I thought "this isn't what I want to hear" and threw the whole thing out. (Well, actually, no - the packrat that's said "Why did I just delete that, I really want to use it again!" too often in me has backed up the mix playlist file. I might put it out some time soon - it might appeal to some people.)

This mix is in the grand tradition of my early mixes: 'Infinity Mix' and 'Aleph Two'. The first is 3:57:03 - yes, just under four hours of trance and techno; the second is 3:22:54 long. The longest so far is the Antipodean 'Laidoutback' Mix at 4:11:31. But my intention is to change that, with a 4-CD-set aim of around 5 hours 20 minutes. And the Antipodean 'Insert Funky Title Here' Mix, which is a selection of the more clubby, funky Australian tracks I have, is probably looking at getting pretty close to that too - I think it's well into the four hour area now.

So, for all those people who love your Goa with a touch of Psy, I present the Go Ahead! mix in 160kbit MP3 (305,344KB) or 64kbit MP3 (126,524KB) format. OGG files and the track list will be following shortly. They're available through BitTorrent, and I'd appreciate people keeping seeding as long as possible as it's all going out to you from my home internet connection. This is why I don't offer HTTP downloads...

I always welcome feedback about the mixes, both good or bad. Drop me a line at

P.S. I haven't heard any Goa track actually sampling Dirty Harry uttering those immortal words "Go Ahead, Make My Day". I can't understand why not. But I'm borrowing them as the name 'Goa Head' was already taken by a series of Goa trance compilations.

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