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Fri 7th Sep, 2007

Go team legs!

I had a really good day yesterday. I decided to put the money my Mum had sent me for my Birthday on a day pass at Perisher, since I'm unlikely to be able to get to any of the rest of the season due to trips abroad. I went with Rob, Kate's brother, who's a snowboarder; so I had to hang around for half a minute while he re-strapped his boots into the board. Since he (for most of the day) would have to wait a minute for me to make my rather cautious way to the bottom of the slope, I didn't make a point of it :-)

Going to the snow during the week is a great idea - the crowds are almost absent. Apart from one keen Sydneysider who was taking advantage of the APEC summit to come snowboarding, it was pretty much just the people who were holidaying at Perisher who were there. Since about half of them were in ski lessons for the better part of the day, and we were on the Towers run on Mt. Perisher (a blue run normally not encountered by all but the most advanced of learner groups), we really only encountered the few who were capable, confident and determined.

It also gave me a really good chance to get a long time to talk with Rob, and since we're both people that like thinking about life, the universe and everything and discussing ideas, we talked for most of the day on everything from why CEOs, celebrities and national leaders should be forced to spend time outside their cossetted, five-star, divorced-from-reality lifestyle and actually do jail time or meet real people who might actually tell them what the real world was doing, the tactics of dealing with emotional doomsday devices, the problems of investing ethically, how to use software and more. A good bonding session.

Rob also gave me lots of good tips on how to ski correctly, since his wife Julie is a ski instructor and they've been teaching their two girls to ski. I tried, and in the end I think I regained the basics of the Stem Christie turn, but still wasn't getting the lift on the turn and the rotation of the knees that carving uses. By the end of the day I was able to almost keep up with Rob, and was really getting a feel for it again. Alas, I probably won't get another chance to ski until next year; however, my brother and his partner are planning to come down for a week or more to do some skiing so I'm already looking forward to that!

And despite my knees feeling pretty sore yesterday (due to my bad technique), there's almost no soreness or pain in my legs today. Go me!

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