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Tue 14th Oct, 2008

Hacking the LCA registration process for fun and, er, fun

With the way tickets went for Linux Conf AU this year gone, and getting paid today, I decided to get my registration in early. Once again I noted they had continued the fine tradition of having a random silly message per registrant. Once again I decided to hack it to make it say what I wanted it to say.

Needless to say they raised the bar this year. Up until 2007 it was just a hidden field in the form. In 2008 they added a checksum - this delayed me a good five minutes while I worked out how they'd generated it. This year they've upped the ante, including both a different checksum and adding a salt to it. Another five minute's playing with bash revealed the exact combination of timestamp, delimiter, and phrase necessary to get a correct checksum. I am also made of cheese.

Naturally, don't bother emailing me to find out how I did it; the fun is in the discovery!

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