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Tue 24th Mar, 2009

The intangible smell of dodgy

My Dell Inspiron 6400 has been a great laptop and is still doing pretty much everything I want three years after I bought it. I fully expect that it will keep on doing this for many years to come. Its battery, however, is gradually dying - now at 39% of its former capacity, according to the GNOME power widget. So I went searching for a new battery.

I came across the page, which I refuse to link to directly. It looks good to start with, but as you study the actual text you notice two things. Firstly, it looks like no person facile with Australian English ever wrote it - while I don't mind the occasional bit of Chinglish this seems more likely to have been fed through a cheap translator program. Secondly, it seems obvious that the words "Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop" have been dropped into a template without much concern for their context. Neither of these inspire confidence.

I was briefly tempted to write to the site contact and mention this, but as I looked at some of the other search results it became increasingly obvious that this was one in a number of very similar sites, all designed a bit differently but using the same text and offering the same prices. This set off a few more of my dodginess detectors and I decided to look elsewhere.

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