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Sat 10th Jul, 2010

Just a stage I'm going through

Sometimes it seems like a great idea to indulge yourself. You know, when you've had an awful day at work, when you've been having trouble sleeping for months, you've had trouble trying to describe to your partner exactly why your day at work was so awful, and then just when you think she's cared for you and wants you to be happy again you find out that you've done something inexplicable wrong and you're going to enjoy another sleepless, uncomfortable night without any help or consolation.

At times like this, it can be easy to indulge in amateur theatrics. Getting horribly drunk, being sarcastic, destroying something - the temptation to do something violent, unmissable and defiant rises to levels hard to resist. Metaphors for the futility of existence in an uncaring world come quickly to mind. Symbolic gestures of the struggle of one person to come to terms with a world that does not seem to care what he suffers beckon.

It is at this point that I would caution the reader. Step back from that metaphorical brink, look around, and pause. Nothing you do now is going to help - in fact, pretty much everything you do is going to make things worse. There are people that are worse off than you - even now, there are people suffering far worse, often through no fault of their own. Your situation is not that bad. You have probably faced this kind of problem in some guise or another before. You just need time to sort things out sensibly, and that time will come somehow.

No metaphors here. Just persist.

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