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Sat 2nd Feb, 2008

LCA 2008 Google Party Mix

The day finally came, and though I was a ball of sweaty clothing from giving my Lightning Talk I was ready to do some mixing for the LCA 2008 Google Party. Afterward, thanks to some pre-prepared scripts, I put the mix up on my torrent server pretty soon afterward. If you want it, you can download the mix via BitTorrent or read the track listing. All the music is Creative Commons licensed and therefore my mix is also similarly licensed; I'll work out the exact license code when I've looked at the licenses on all the music, but for now I will release the mix under a Creative Commons 3.0 By-NC-SA license.

Thank you to Peter Lieverdink and the LCA 2008 team for allowing me to mix at LCA - I had a great time doing it. And my collection hat (thank you Stewart Smith) raised $24.30 to donate to the artists. I reckon that's pretty good for something completely voluntary where most people hadn't been really getting into the music much (that I could see). Now to work out how to donate it...

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