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Sun 10th Jun, 2007

Maybe Swordfish had a point...

For a variety of otiose reasons, I have found myself on the phone for long periods of time. I can play card and other visual games, and solve a Rubik's Cube, but this cuts no code and designs no websites. But concentrating on words and sentences on a page or screen override the voice in my ear and I miss what the other person has been saying. I've been trying to think of a couple of graphical things I can be doing, beyond a limited amount of photo editing or designing icons for my website, that can be done purely graphically, allowing me to carry on a phone conversation and still keep some level of productivity.

Maybe that detestable, ridiculous scene in "Swordfish", where Hugh Jackman's character is typing obviously randomly on a keyboard while some three dimensional object swivels around on his display - because in a film which is all about an elite hacker that will gain them so much credibility with the hacker audience - has something after all...

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