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Sun 8th May, 2011

A pack of improvements

I (finally) decided to make three changes to my battery pack calculator. One is to lift the maximum weight of the pack up to 500kg - this allows more realistic pack sizes for large vehicles such as utes and vans. The second is a check box to only show available cells - cells that have at least one online store selling them. This cuts out most of the unobtainable cells - cells (like Kokam) that are price-on-application are usually fairly expensive anyway and this at least gives you a ball-park figure for what the more common cells can do for you.

The final one is to allow you to sort the packs by some of the fields displayed. The critical ones are the cell type, pack weight, pack amp-hour rating, price, watt-hours stored and maximum amp delivery. After a bit of help from Khisanth in ##javascript to get the scripting working - basically, don't have a submit button named (or with an ID of) 'submit' or you override the form's natural submit() function - it works now.

I hope people find these improvements useful - I certainly am!

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