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Sat 12th Jan, 2008

Preparing for LCA early

I have a hope of performing a mix for LCA, as I did in 2005 and 2006 and post-2007. While I wait for the team to get back to me to work out if that will be possible or not, I've been making some (non-CC and possibly non-PC) mixes. Check them out: one Trance and one Goa/Psy, in OGG and MP3 format.

Some day I will work out the .inf format enough to be able to supply a simple file that can turn a mix file into a CD with tracks and everything, but since we're now in the age of 'portable music players' I think this may be a retrograde step. Alternatively, if someone worked out some format for annotating an OGG (or MP3) file to put points that you could skip to inside the file with the appropriate player then that would be great, but this sounds like a chicken-and-egg problem. Annodex, maybe?

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