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Thu 15th Jul, 2010

Proposals submitted...

The Linux Conference Australia call for papers is now out, and I've submitted two papers - one for a talk and one for a tutorial. Now the waiting begins...

In 2009 I got accepted to give a talk on writing good user documentation. I'd submitted several papers before then but never got accepted; the chief reason was that I had submitted papers about stuff I was interesed in but was not actually a key contributor to. LCA is crazy hard to get to speak at, but is totally worth it because they really treat speakers well. And to me it's addictive - I loved it so much in 2009 I wanted to do awesome things just to get a place in 2010.

That didn't work out for me; mainly because I'm a neophile. I tend to be interested in a whole bunch of things but only shallowly - occasionally (such as when I decided to write the doco for LMMS) I dip in but I rarely seem to be able to sustain that involvement before the next thing comes along and lures me away. But I'm more hopeful I can get a speakership at 2011 because I'm putting forward two proposals for things that I'm actually really involved in and know about.

Ah well. Now for three months of anticipation. Better keep on working on my electric motorbike then...

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