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Sat 1st Jan, 2011

Radio drama

I've just finished up the year by putting on two Radio plays from Girl Genius, the multi-Hugo winning graphic novel 'Gaslamp Fantasy' series. For friends at their New Year's Eve party we performed Agatha Heterodyne and Death wish Dupree, and for my shared family's New Year's Day party (because I wasn't around for Christmas) we performed Minor Heroes (yes). I asked permission from Phil and Kaja first and got a response from Alice, one of their minions, to the effect that they're intending to release the scripts and the shows under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial license (which it says in the headings of 'Minor Heroes'). I didn't get around to getting a script from them in time, so I ended up transcribing the shows myself - I'm sending them the files for their own reference, in case that helps them.

Overall, reactions were good. I only had helpful feedback, anyway, no criticisms, and we got more and more people packing in for the later episodes at the first event. I think sometimes it struggled a bit as both the audience and some of the actors weren't familiar with the genre or the characters and story, but that's hardly a problem. It was pretty cool to do.

Here are some notes for myself and others should people find themselves wanting to do this well in future:

Hopefully this advice will stand you in good stead if you happen to want to perform a radio drama some time in the near future. If not, what's wrong with you? :-)

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