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Tue 25th Nov, 2008

Random randomness

The SECRET_KEY setting in Django is used as a 'salt' in (one would hope) all hash calculations. When a new project is created, a piece of code generates a new random key for that site. I'd seen a couple of these and noted, in passing, that they seemed to have an unusually high amount of punctuation characters. But I didn't give it much thought.

Recently I had to generate a new one, and found a couple of recipes quite quickly. The routine (in Python) is:

from random import choice
print ''.join([choice('abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!@#$%^&*(-_=+)') for i in range(50)])
(Aside: Note how Python's idea of line breaks having grammatical meaning in the source code has meant making one liners is now back in style? Wasn't this supposed to be the readable language? Weren't one liners supposed to be a backward construction used in stupid languages? Is that the sound of a thousand Pythonistas hurriedly explaining that, yes, you can actually break that compound up into several lines, either on brackets or by \ characters or by partial construction? Oh, what a pity.)

Anyway. A friend of mine and I noted that it seemed a little odd that the upper case characters weren't included in the string. Maybe, we reasoned, there was some reason that they didn't include these characters (and the punctuation that isn't on the numeric keys). But, looking through the actual changeset that combined all the various salts and secrets into one thing, and looking at where the secret key was used in the code, it seems that it's always fed into the md5 hasher. This takes bytes, basically, so there was no reason to limit it to any particular character subset.

So my preferred snippet would be:

from random import choice
s = [chr(i) for i in range(32,38) + range(40,127)]
print ''.join([choice(s) for i in range(50)])
So you can at least read your secret key, and it doesn't include the single quote character (ASCII 39) that would terminate the string early. The update to the original functionality is in ticket 9687, so let's see what the Django admins make of it.

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