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Mon 18th Jun, 2007

Scraping WiFi off the walls

Apropos of Matt Palmer's observations on availability of WiFi in airports, it would be remiss of me to not mention that you can get free internet access through the Qantas Club just by sitting relatively nearby one of their lounges. You don't have to sit in it, of course, because they haven't come up with a way to keep it from going through walls. This means that most of the Qantas section of Canberra airport, a couple of cafes and some conveniently placed seats in Brisbane airport, and anywhere near gate 4 in Sydney terminal 3 will be good enough.

Having taken my laptop on a trip up to Brisbane in order that I visit my family has also spurred my interest in learning how to, er, how shall we say it... gain access to WEP-secured networks. Not particularly because I desperately need internet connections, or because I want to play with their computers and download bomb-making manifestos on other people's networks, but, you know, because they're there...

P.S. I also discovered that I do not enjoy removing three separate botnet instances on my mother's Windows XP machine, but I can do it rather easily. Most of them are fairly easy to spot with HijackThis, and they all seemed to essentially consist of a version of mIRC with a bunch of separate scripts set up to run off various commands. In the Task Manager you need to look for those processes with system-like names running as the user, rather than as SYSTEM.

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