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Thu 18th Jan, 2007

I'm on the shirt that killed River Phoenix

In crowds, there's always someone heading vaguely toward you but heading somewhere else entirely. There are a whole lot of little protocols - not meeting their eye, negotiating a slightly different course - that allow a certain social space. So it's always disconcerting to have someone stride directly up to you - when they actually do mean to meet you and you've now been pointedly ignoring them. He pointed to my LinuxChix Miniconf "Standing out from the crowd" T-shirt and said:

"Where can I get one of those?"

I gave him Mary Gardiner's email, and whatever other methods I could remember of how to get in contact with her. But though it's a long sleeved shirt and it's a warm day, I'm totally chuffed to have got one now. LinuxChix roxxors!

(BTW, the title is a reference to TISM's popular song (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River, of course.)

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