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Tue 29th Jun, 2010

Simple successes

Friends of ours are returning to the USA from their semi-yearly trip to Canberra. We met up for a final dinner before a dance, and they mentioned that they were big fans of Tom Lehrer. As it happens, so am I - my Mum wisely bought me a record of "That Was The Week That Was" back in 1987 or so and I loved it. In 2000 she also gave me "The Remains Of Tom Lehrer", a remastered 3CD set of his entire recorded output, including several that had never been released before, wonderful stuff he did for PBS and light orchestra versions of some of his more popular ones such as "The Hunting Song" and "Poisoning Pigeons In The Park". It also comes with a booklet with a foreword written by Dr. Demento and with lots of fun stuff, including the Mad comics done of some of his songs, illustrations from the various records and other interesting tid-bits. "Remains" is a must for any true Lehrer fan.

Now, as it happens, I knew where I could lay my hands on another "Remains". You see, my father-in-law volunteers at the Life Line book fair, and he picked up another brand-new-still-in-the-wrapper "Remains" some time ago for $5. A scheme lit up in my head when I heard they wanted a copy, and afterward I asked John if he would give his copy of "Remains" to them. He did, and I did.

It's rare to find a gift that just absolutely knocks someone else out of the park. It's even rarer that that gift is something that you can lay your hands on relatively easily and cheaply. To hit that spot with these friends - to give them something that they and their kids enjoy and treasure when I won't see them for possibly years - is its own reward. I just feel really glad that all the pieces of the puzzle just came together in front of me.

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