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Mon 15th Jan, 2007

LCA Day 1 - so far so good

Waking up was as easy as ever at LCA conferences - at 7AM the alarm rang and I cursed. My tossing and turning at the new, hard and somewhat scratchy bed hadn't made it an easy sleep. Getting to bed at half past midnight after coming home from the Lowenbrau Keller hadn't helped either. But, strangely, I was energised - rather than dropping back into sleep I was ready for the first day at LCA. Shower. Dress. Eat breakfast. Head on up to the top of the campus. Get connected to the Wifi, courtesy of a random Seven team person who was keen to find out whether the network was working. All good.

I note that the Programme has been updated, and that my 'request' to do some mixing at the Conference Party hasn't. All good. I better start practicing mixing again, then. I don't think my patches to WINE are going to come good, and VMWare is having trouble getting installed. It's going to be back to closed-source sinning...

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