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Mon 9th Oct, 2006

talloc and require

BTW, I found a gotcha in recent versions of the talloc library. In order to work on all those platforms that don't have all the standard and not-so-standard utility functions that talloc and Samba are built against, Samba and talloc now have a 'replace' library that implements them all. So in order to build talloc, you now have to check out the replace library - you do:

svn co svn://

Then in the new replace directory do ./, ./configure, and make. You can do a make install to install the replace library, but talloc still seems to want direct access to the replace.o and snprintf.o files in the replace library, so you have to then go back to talloc, ./ and ./configure, then link the replace object files:

ln -s ../replace/replace.o
ln -s ../replace/snprintf.o

Then and only then can you do the make in the talloc directory to make the new talloc library. Oh, and if your code sets a destructor function, then you have to change the type of argument it takes, as it's now correctly typed (rather than taking a void *).

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