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Fri 29th Jun, 2007

That strange feeling in the stomach

I've been trying this Shangri-La diet for almost a day now, but I have already come to a couple of conclusions:

I'm going to try the 'spoonfull of sugar' method this afternoon.

The other little 'data point' in this was that it suddenly made sense of an old friend of mine: he was thin, ran every morning, ate no breakfast and minimal lunch, and was still in perfect health. He also drank like beer was free - he's the only person that I've seen who approached drinking like a man bent on self-destruction. This diet may have the clue to how all those parts fit together. Beer contains quite a few calories, and if he's drinking enough of it he'll be getting most of his energy intake in that. And if that's his primary source of calories, and it induces a feeling of mild nausea and dizziness - also used in the body to indicate poisoning - then he will have effectively trained his body to want less calories and to use them very efficiently indeed.

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