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Wed 11th Jul, 2007

The Colour That Should Not Be

I was excited to read Pia's post on the opening of the new Software Freedom Day shop.

Until I saw the colour of the shirts.

Then my eyeballs involuntarily popped out of their sockets and tried to hide in my jacket.

look if you dare

Iridescent throbbing green? Who came up with that? It's the colour that suits nobody! Lime Green was a disaster when it was last in fashion, which was in the bad part of the 1990s! It's the kind of colour that you only see in T-shirts worn by special tour-groups for children, and splattered across you in a paintball game. Where was the choice? Where was the voting form on the website that said:

What colour T-shirt would you like this year?
A normal colour
Ugly Brown
Lime green
I'm afraid not even a coffee is going to get me over seeing that.

Needless to say, I'm not going to be buying or wearing one, and I will if possible not be taking one.

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