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Fri 24th Aug, 2007

The world must wait for my music

I found out on Thursday that my two tutorial proposals for LCA 2008 - on programming with PVM (which I wasn't overly worried about) and making music with LMMS (which I was really keen on) - have both been rejected. I'd like to find out more information about exactly why, but I'm actually a bit disappointed by this - in particular I'd hoped that the LMMS talk would have the required combination of interest (since I thought I had detected an undercurrent of interest in son et lumiere in the Open Source world), snappy presentation description, presenter knowledge and something a bit left of centre. Obviously not quite enough.

My fear, now, is that I'm going to end up being more critical of every talk and tutorial I see on the program; comparing them to what I could have done. I fear this partly because of course it's going to reduce my actual enjoyment of the LCA content and process, and partly because I know that I will find some talks that sounded good on paper to be less interesting in practice - Rasterman's talk on Enlightenment and Jeff's talk on the future of GNOME from LCA 2007 are my benchmarks for this - and I don't want to become jaded or put other people off. The last thing that everyone needs at a Linux conference is a bunch of people saying "Oh, I could have done a better presentation than that".

So what this obviously means is that I need to start looking into screencasting. I played with Istanbul at work and it looks good - I'd like more control on the actual quality settings than what it's minimal configuration options in the GUI allow...

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