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Mon 27th Aug, 2007

Welcome to Melbourne, part 0001

I'm obviously prejudiced - I just keep on finding reasons to hate Melbourne. I was catching the train today from Eltham into the city, and the prize specimen was the guy sitting beside me on the platform. First he opens up a Twist and just throws the wrapper away in front of me. Then he starts snorting and spitting the phlegm on the ground. I mutter an imprecation under my breath and move away, only to find that the only other seat in the shade is occupied by a girl blowing smoke everywhere. I return to try to put up with gronk-boy and find he's lit up too. Fortunately there was enough of a breeze to be able to stand upwind of him, but the fear of having another smoker light up and fumigate the rest of the platform began to prey on my mind...

I'm sure this is by far not the worst of the antisocial behaviour that goes on every day on public transport, and there's plenty of just as antisocial behaviour in Canberra and virtually everywhere else. Maybe it's just a sign that I'm becoming old and curmudgeonly and intolerant.

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