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Tue 15th Jul, 2008

The Wireless Jonathan Oxer

After the three limericks I wrote about Tridge, Pia and Rusty, the conversation came up on #linux-aus about whether I could make a similar epgiram for Jon Oxer, former Linux Australia president, front-line hardware hacker and all-round good guy. It took me two months, but in an email to Jon I finally cracked it, packing much more into the rhyme than I originally thought would be possible:

The wireless Jonathan Oxer,
Waves his hand and his front door unloxer.
A remote-control loo,
And home theatre too -
If you as me, his whole house just roxor!
Who's next, I wonder?

We tune to podcasting James Purser,
Long known as a rhymer and verser.
With his darling wife Karin
They are not known as barren:
Three children now stare at their cursor.
Steve Walsh, however, is going to take a bit more thinking about.

Send your suggestions of who should be next under the pen to

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