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Fri 29th Apr, 2011

Wishful thinking

My current "it would be so cool but it will never happen" fantasy project idea:

Using direct drive should be sufficient - at a tyre circumference of say 1.8 metres, at 5,500RPM the car will be going about 594Km/hr (unless I've done something grossly wrong with the units of those calculations). But getting a gearbox to reduce the ratio on those motors, say by a factor of two, puts the top speed at a more reasonable 297Km/hr and puts more of the motors peak efficiency within our standard rev range. Still, trying to find a gearbox that can deal with 900Nm of torque is a problem.

As a comparison, the Ultima GTR that has set several world records used a seven liter V8 producing 720bhp (528Kw). I'm delivering 200KW (268bhp) per wheel in a curve that flattens out at around 3500 RPM. A similar car has a torque of around 811 lb/ft - 1100Nm; I can deliver 900Nm per wheel up to around 1250RPM. It's too late and I've spent too much time browsing random stuff on the internet to work out how to convert that into an acceleration time for a 1000kg car on wheels with a radius of about 307mm. It's probably fairly big. So an electric conversion doesn't make it into a GTR-killer, but it's still pretty compatible.

So overall the UltimaWatt project would cost over $100,000. Anybody interested in sponsoring this project ☺?

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