Todo List

page The CFile Library
Add better error and EOF checking, particularly for bzip.

page The CFile Library
Allow only read or write modes, with no appending.

page The CFile Library
Allow extra parameters in the mode string to specify compression options.

page The CFile Library
Use the buffer to write to: avoids allocating a new temporary buffer upon each cfprintf() and cvfprintf().

page The CFile Library
Tridge noted that the standard implementation of stdio has pointers in the file handle that refer to the functions that are called when performing operations on that file handle. It may therefore be able to provide a wrapper that allows callers to simply replace a include <stdio.h> with include <cfile.h> and all file operations would then happen transparently. The modified fopen would determine the file type and update the jump block with the relevant functions (either direct calls to the functions in e.g. zlib, or wrappers that implement the correct semantics. So the whole thing would be a 'drop in' replacement for stdio, rather than requiring modification of existing code.

Global cf_destroyclose
The status of closing bzip2 files should be checked.

Global cfdopen
Make this detect a compressed input stream, and allow setting of the compression type via the mode parameter for an output stream.

Global cvfprintf
Should we be reusing a buffer rather than allocating one each time?

Global file_extension_type
Make sure that the extension is at the end of the file?

Global finalise_open
Should we pre-allocate the output buffer when writing?

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