ProgressInfo_struct Struct Reference

The actual structure of the Progressor object we pass around. More...

Data Fields

char left
char right
char empty
char fill
char * title
unsigned short width
unsigned short barst
unsigned short baren
long min
long max
long cur
double starttime
double nextshow
double interval
double freezetime
unsigned has_time: 1
unsigned has_pct: 1
unsigned has_bar: 1
unsigned has_of: 1
unsigned has_title: 1
unsigned has_frsec: 1
unsigned is_frozen: 1
unsigned debugging: 1
unsigned has_sub: 1
FILE * dlog
long submin
long submax
long subcur
double substarttime
char subchar
char * barstr

Detailed Description

The actual structure of the Progressor object we pass around.

This structure contains all the information we need to know about each progress bar. For compactness, the boolean flags are kept in a bit field.

Field Documentation

unsigned short ProgressInfo_struct::baren

where the actual bar ends on the line.

unsigned short ProgressInfo_struct::barst

where the actual bar starts.

char* ProgressInfo_struct::barstr

Temporary buffer for writing bars.

long ProgressInfo_struct::cur

The current bar value. This can range outside min and max, but the bar will be hard locked to one extreme or the other.

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::debugging

Are we (currently) in debugging?

FILE* ProgressInfo_struct::dlog

The file to write debugging logs to.

char ProgressInfo_struct::empty

the character used for empty space in the bar.

char ProgressInfo_struct::fill

the character used for filled space in the bar.

double ProgressInfo_struct::freezetime

The time at which this object was frozen, if any.

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_bar

Do we display the bar?

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_frsec

Do we display fractional seconds?

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_of

Do we display 'cur of max'?

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_pct

Do we display the percentage completed?

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_sub

Do we have a sub-bar to display?

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_time

Do we display the time?

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::has_title

Do we display the title in the bar?

double ProgressInfo_struct::interval

The number of seconds between each showing.

unsigned ProgressInfo_struct::is_frozen

Are we currently frozen?

char ProgressInfo_struct::left

the character to display at the left of the bar.

long ProgressInfo_struct::max

The maximum value of the bar: 100%

long ProgressInfo_struct::min

The minimum value of the bar: 0%

double ProgressInfo_struct::nextshow

The time at which the bar should next be shown.

char ProgressInfo_struct::right

the character to display at the right of the bar.

double ProgressInfo_struct::starttime

The time we created the bar.

char ProgressInfo_struct::subchar

The character to display at the position of the sub-bar.

long ProgressInfo_struct::subcur

The current sub-bar value.

long ProgressInfo_struct::submax

The maximum sub-bar value.

long ProgressInfo_struct::submin

The minimum sub-bar value.

double ProgressInfo_struct::substarttime

When we started this sub-bar.

char* ProgressInfo_struct::title

unsigned short ProgressInfo_struct::width

the bar's total width in characters.

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