22 - The Psyonics Workshop 1 - Meditation

Strange phenomena that have you doubting your sanity have been plaguing you for days. After much deliberation, ducking to avoid the occasional flying teapot and checking over your shoulder, the time has come to see the Master of Psionic. You make the pilgrimage to the far end of town, where the walls seem to flicker with eye-corner illusions and the smell of an imminent thunderstorm looms near. Though the neighbourhood seems deserted, as you are about to knock the door is opened. The master himself has met you and ushers you through the workshop.

You pass through an area packed with psychic energy, as the various journeymen and apprentices labour over their inscrutable pursuits. Several occult artefacts – the eyes of shrunken heads, strange compasses attuned not to the ordinary earth, and bizarre brass astrolabes – point to follow you and you realise your fear of being the center of attention of otherworldly powers was justified. Finally you are shown into a comfortable room away from the bustle of the workshop and the master sits down opposite you. A low table is provided with simple mugs and a jug of water. The master speaks, answering your unspoken questions.

‘You are in no danger now, you have come to the right place. We will divine the nature of the powers surrounding you and restore your equilibrium. The exercise you must concentrate on now is to clear your mind. We need to see through the outer turmoil to your hidden strength within. Concentrate on the table in front of you. Inspect it with your mind and think of nothing else. I will do the rest.’

You do so. You study the table, forgetting that this is merely an exercise to rid your mind of surface problems and doubts. You know in the back of your mind the Master of Psionic is analysing your mental energies and divining the cause of your external troubles. The pressure of your fear is gone, but the pressure of his mind has replaced it, driving out any resistance to his scrutiny. Slowly you realise your powers, hidden underneath layers of self-doubt and superstition, are filling your mind with the keys to control. You become aware of the great power seemingly stretching before your fingertips, directable solely by your mind, perfectly at your command like an extension of your own flesh but vastly more powerful.

The journey lasts forever, and in a single instant it is over. You slowly unfocus from the table, having inspected its rich tapestry of flaws with your internal sight far more minutely than your eyes ever could. The Master Psionic looks up at you, and with eyes burning with an internal light says, ‘Now
you are one of our order.’ It is all you could hope to hear.

Then he says something, quenching the fire of your dreams. ‘There is something you must do for us in return…’

Completed 4 Apr 2004



Total play length: 01:19:53

Track listing









1 Juno Reactor Nitrogen Part 1 114.00 00:00:00
2 Total Eclipse Time Drops 119.90
3 Sensient Triptium 135.00
4 Magnetrixx Singularity 140.10
5 Yahel Electro Panic 140.00
6 Magnetrixx Trittschall 138.10
7 Sensient Silkworms 142.00
8 Magnetrixx Neutrino 143.10
9 Astral Projection Let There Be Light 143.90
10 Juno Reactor Badimo 145.00
11 Total Eclipse Pulsar Glitch 147.90 01:12:33

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