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Fri 18th May, 2007

That's not my suburb

Apart from being an excellent example of framing in the media, Martin Pool's map post also left me mightily puzzled. Because I used to live on Kooyong Rd, the road that crosses Dandenong Road that the motorcyclist's bike hit in order to kill him, between there and the train line. But the train line is way too close to Dandenong Road - it left no room for where I lived - and it took a quick check with Google Maps to work out what was going wrong. Not only is the train line way too far south (down) - you can see the 'corridor' it should go through if you look at the junction to the left of the 'Malvern Road' text and go diagonally south-east (down-right) from there. In addition, the streets to the east of Kooyong Road don't match up either - there's a walk bridge across one point mid-way between Kooyong Road and Wattletree Road (the road that goes straight east where Dandenong bends to go south-east), but that's it.

So is this just another case of the 'easter egging' process in maps, where mapmakers make changes - adding fake roads, etc. - in order to show that you've copied their map? Or is it just a clueless graphic artist from North Fitzroy who thinks going "south of the river" is socially blighting and has been asked to copy the map in ten minutes so that they don't get sued? Or is there another, even more sinister, reason? Send your ideas to :-)

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