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Fri 19th May, 2006

Gain? Questionable. Pain? Absolutely!

I finally got to the Ultimate Frisbee practice session that the ACTUA website reckoned didn't exist but my friend Hugh (who used to play before the knee reconstruction - a warning to others?) thought was on Thursday nights at the Willow oval in ANU. This is, of course, not just a pick-up game, but it's a serious attempt at training for playing in the leagues. At least I wore the shoes I had that would provide the most grip on wet grass out of the pairs I owned, but I still felt a little odd standing around in jeans when everyone else is about ten years younger or more and wearing shorts and training gear. And cleats. Having more grip on the ground would have definitely been useful.

They were very gracious about having a new person turn up out of nowhere, and Ian and Tom did a great job fitting me in and making sure I wasn't too confused or outclassed. We did a warm-up run, some stretches, some practice defence and skills exercises, and then played a good-spirited game. And I had a great time. Fortunately my throwing and catching skills are pretty good, so despite learning a few new techniques I was still getting accurate passes, even sometimes under pressure. Finally we finished up and I realised that I had 13 minutes to get to the opposite side of the campus for the ANU Film Group's screening of Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, which I wanted to go to and at which Kate and a friend would be.

Boy, was I knackered by the end of it. I couldn't keep up a jog across the campus, my neck had picked up some crick that adrenaline had neglected to mention to me before, and I could feel the aches and stiffness beginning to set in. I had to have several new parts attached just so I could be knackered in them as well. I'm seeing a chiropractor so that the grievances in my neck can be partially sorted out, and will try to do some stretches and exercise over the weekend to iron things out. And it was pretty obvious that I wasn't keeping up with the Fit Young Men that I was marking in the game, especially towards the end. I can at least be proud that, despite not having done a lot of fitness training before then, I kept up throughout the whole session.

And I can't wait to go to the pick-up game on Sunday... :-)

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