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Tue 13th Jun, 2006

Soccer Fanaticism proved non-infectious in clinical trials.

It's amused me in the last couple of days that several people I've spoken with have been talking about staying up late and watching the FIFA 2006 competition. There was even a newspaper article sounding the alarm that pubs wouldn't be allowed to serve alcohol during some of the matches (as if it's mandatory to drink while watching people kick a ball around). The Braddon Pub in Londsdale street had opening times out to 5AM for some Australia vs. Ethniklashistan games. It seems that people can't stand to record these games, they have to know right now.

I haven't deliberately watched live TV in decades. Most of my TV comes via MythTV, and most of it is recorded from preset schedules for things I know and like. If I were a person wanting to watch the soccer, and I absolutely had to watch the night's soccer game in time to tell everyone about it at work, I'd simply set MythTV to record it, wake up an hour earlier in the morning refreshed, watch the game while doing some stretches or something, and then go to work and laugh out loud at the poor saps who have been up in the freezing cold that night, shivering in their blankets and punishing their body with lack of sleep. But since I'm no more than ephemerally interested in it, I don't.

(At the urging of several people in CLUG, I'm trying to work out when I can do a MythTV install-fest. The basic plan is to give people a simple written sheet of instructions beforehand, and get them to turn up with hardware and as much of the software as possible installed. Then we go through people's machines and fix problems. We try and get as much working as we can, but there are no guarantees. If you turn up with a bucket of parts, you get put at the back of the queue. But this competes for my Infinite Free Time...)

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