Irish Set Dancing in Canberra

About us

NFF Display
The Canberra Chrysanthemums, a bucks set (all male set), doing a display at the National
Folk Festival in 2006. Paul Wayper is in the rather fetching red wig and lilac dress.
Our group began in 2003 when Paul Wayper moved to Canberra from Melbourne. On discovering that the local folk dancing program did not feature a regular Irish Set dancing class, he decided to start one and the group has grown from there.

We have a team approach to teaching and calling and the current group of teachers and callers includes Paul Wayper, Paul CarrDavid Arnold, Christine Briton, and Peter Kennedy.

In addition to a weekly class we hold an annual weekend workshop devoted to set dancing and a group of dancers have established the Set in their Ways display team for festivals and community events.